In the audio visual design seminar we created a music video using only geometrical shapes. We chose a section of 30 seconds from the song „Kick up your Heels“ by „4 Bars" and used Adobe After Effects for the animations. 

Project Partner: Evelyn Soos, Sarah Bucher
Support: Veldana Sehic, Bernhard Sacha
Date of production: Semester 3 (fall 2018)
After choosing the piece of music we analysed every instrument again to get an overview of the sequences of each instrument when it is played.
Semantic differentials were used to get to know how the song affects other people. It turned out that the affection of the different characteristics was very similar to how people feel.
For each instrument a special style was chosen to differ them from each other. To collect our ideas on how form should react to we used a morphological grid. 
Thereby we decided to pick five parameters and five characteristics to compare each instrument with each other.
In our concept we decided to take a circle like an outline or a disk for each instrument. The idea was to overlap the circles to create a new overall picture. Each instrument should have its own character with different colors. This way they connect to each other like „push“ or „kick out“.
On the right you can see our final storyboard with the different parts of the music piece.

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