This short image film shows people how to motivate doing sports with sportswear by the imaginary brand „HfG sports“. With this image film „Es gibt viele Gründe, finde Deinen!“ (There are many reasons, find yours) we want to appeal many people to be more active;  what kind ever, which age, indoor and outdoor sports,...
First, we created a storyboard with a detailed sequence order of a single sport. After that, we phrased the texts and thought about where to place the audio best in the film.
Then we selected the suitable camera, light and audio equipment for each sequence and discussed the details with the actors.
After getting all footage together we edited the film with Adobe Premiere Pro and made additional effects and color correction with Adobe After Effects. 
Project Partner: Evelyn Soos, Luisa Sperling, Lena Mösl
Support: Marco Kreuzer
Date of production: Semester 3 (fall/winter 2018)

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