The title of our project is “voll geladen – Dein Ratgeber über Elektronik“, which translates to “fully charged – your guide to electronics“. It’s about a website which shows children the subject of electronics step by step. The purpose is to interest children from age 8 to 12 for technical topics with interactive elements.
We designed this project with different programs. We used "Figma", "Principle", "After Effects" besides the established programs.

Project Partner: Evelyn Soos
Support: Prof. Daniel Utz, Prof. Andreas Koller
Date of production: Semester 4 (spring 2019) 
In this video you get a show through the website. First you get to know general information about electronics, the structure of an atom or about the component parts in an electric circuit. You get the chance to built you own electric circuit in a kind of game, where it’s easily to get the thematic better. To include the history, you get to know the most important persons and inventions. In third part focuses on connectivity. It explains what waves are, how a mobile device and how GPS functions and what it means for us. Finally our last interactive site is the view inside an iPad. You can zoom in on the different parts and get further information about the single items.
The purpose of this website is to motivate children to learn new themes by easy usability, simple navigation and let them try different interactions on their own.

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